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Add to Wishlist. USD 1. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Collins Shorts — insight in an instant. Kevin will show you the things worth spending your money on, and the things you might cut back on. Helpful and incisive advice on design, construction and style from the foremost voice in modern architectural design. Collins Shorts are a fresh look at the ebook short, with the emphasis on vibrant design, animated content and expert authors who can provide accessible insight.

They satisfy your thirst for knowledge without the need for time commitment. This ebook will work on all e-readers but delivers its full punch on devices that support colour and animation. Please note the extent is between 20 to 40 pages, depending on your settings. Product Details About the Author.

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Kevin McCloud Revisits His Favourite Home, A Shipping Container - Kevin's Grandest Design

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Learn how to buy a home the right Beginner's Guide to Home Buying is Beginner's Guide to Home Buying is an ideal resource for those who recognize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity staring them in the face, but who aren't well-versed in the intricacies of home buying. Create your dream house and garden: Brilliant little. Millions of us want to improve our home and surroundings, and there's a ton of But almost all 10 of the builders constructing their home on the same street in Bicester, Oxford, were hampered with devastating difficulties - including near-death experiences, heartbreak and financial ruin.

Tonight's Grand Designs: The Street - Garrie and Sue's stunning home was designed to help and ease Sue's disability - yet she nearly dies during the self build process. Garry and Sue, 57, hoped the self-build project would transform their lives with a house suitable for their needs. But it took a serious turn when Sue contracted a severe case of pnuemonia and nearly died during filming.


Garrie and Sue, 57, hoped that the self-build project near Bicester, Oxfordshire, would transform their lives with a house suitable for her needs. Sue, a retired foster carer, suffers from severe osteoporosis, which weakens bones, causing them to break more easily. But while in the final push to build their dream home, she contracts a severe case of pneumonia and Garrie admits that his wife was just minutes away from death. Pauline and Godfrey dreamed of an easy build to create a home that they could retire in.

But the grandmother is forced to return to work in order for them to afford to even start their project.

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Pauline, 55, is a retired journalist while husband Godfrey, 62, works as a writer and theatre director. The two dream of building their own dream home in Bicester, using a modern modular system, but are left frustrated as they struggled to get a mortgage. They're left homeless and Pauline is forced to return to work in order to get their build off the ground, admitting:'I'll have to work till I drop. Two years after they start the project, they're finally able to move into their home but Pauline will have to continue working full time so they can afford it.

Sean and Dianna were determined to build an 'upside down' house that would give them amazing views from their kitchen and sitting room on the second floor. The couple's relationship is put under severe strain when Dianna is offered a job miles away, and Sean is left to complete the project alone. The couple manage to stay together throughout the project, but not without their ups and downs. The eco-friendly house was also dramatic to build, with self-builder Paul admitting he didn't know how to hold a saw when the project started. The couple were left homeless when their project went over budget.

Three years on, the couple still haven't finished their home and have spent almost double their original budget. Paul Troop, from Oxford, was keen to take on a self build project despite having no experience, and admitting that he didn't know how to hold a saw. Having hugely overspent and underestimated how long the project would take, he, his wife Blanka and their two children ended up homeless halfway through the build, after leaving their rented accommodation due to spiraling costs.

Three years on from the show's start, Paul has spent almost double the original budget and has yet to finish the project. James and Shannon set out to build a home where they could raise their children. But James' hopes are dashed when his girlfriend leaves him mid-way through the project. The quantity surveyor is left to finish the house alone and, despite the home looking immaculate, when Grand Designs filming ended, he still hadn't finished the project. James, 31, from the Midlands, and his long-term partner Shannon, 28, appeared excited at the prospect of starting their building venture together.

The couple began turning their design into a reality and were looking forward to 'putting down roots and starting a family'. But quantity surveyor James was left 'genuinely heartbroken' when his dream future with Shannon fell apart during the filming of the show.

While his home looks immaculate from the outside, James was unable to finish the project within the filming period of the Grand Designs: The Street programme. Viewers were left stunned by Roxie and Chris' relationship as the man appeared alone when showing presenter Kevin McCloud around the finished house. Many thought the couple, who had severe strain on their relationship throughout the build and argued over finances, had broken up at the end of the programme.

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Their idea was to create a low energy, low impact house out of 'flatpack' plywood. But throughout the programme it became clear relations between the pair had became strained, particularly when it came to money. At the end of the episode, only Chris was present to welcome presenter Kevin McCloud for a visit at the finished property, and it was never revealed whether they had gone their separate ways.

Chris' father did speak out to say the couple had managed to work through their differences and were still together - although he acknowledged their relationship had had 'ups and downs'. Lynn, 62, faced a multitude of set backs on her journey to build her dream home, including a fall out with her former friends and neighbours Terry and Olwen.